East Dairy Co” has 18 years of milk processing experience. We produce a wide range of products from cow, sheep and goat milk. EDC is one of the leading companies on the dairy products market in Bulgaria. We exist as a company name “East Dairy Co.” since 2008 but we are in the dairy products market since 1991.
EDC offers a variety of products in two areas: fresh milk products and cheese products.
In the range of cheese products, EDC offers a variety of cheeses, made from cow, sheep and goat milk. The company operates both on the domestic market and abroad, being one of the biggest Bulgarian exporters to the EU, Lebanon, Canada, and Russia. EDC is a certified cheese exporter to the EU. The company holds its own patented trademark and copyrighted company logo LACTITA®.
Our strategic business plan includes develop businessactivities into new markets as a company which satisfies the customers needs with quality products for healthy way of life.

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